Quantum Communication Workshop 2010



Quantum Communication Workshop 2010

Quantum Communication: State and Perspectives

Theoretical Approaches and Experimental Implementations

February 1st – 2nd, 2010

UNIK - University Graduate Center, Gunnar Randers vei 19, 2027 Kjeller, Norway


QCW2010 is a two-day workshop on theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum communication and quantum cryptography.

This event is organized by UNIK - University Graduate Center of Kjeller, at the Kjeller Technology Cluster, located half-way between the Oslo Airport and downtown Oslo in Norway.


QCW2010 will focus on practical advanced solutions for quantum communication and cryptography currently under development in European and world-wide partnerships involving academic research centers, commercial companies and public consortia.


Quantum communication technologies developed in the trusted environment of experimental laboratories have recently addressed industrialization and commercialization, thus facing expected and unexpected challenges: from security vs. business requirements and conformity to standardization and legal specifications, to field operational tests under malevolent attacks.


Aiming to provide network security for communications, quantum fiber-based and free-space technologies are both becoming a reality across optical networks, and will thus be discussed at QCW2010 by experts in the field within a global perspective.

Participation to QCW2010 is open and free.

In order to guarantee the possibility of participation, registration is solicited before January 24th2010

For information and registration please contact: 

Sara Felloni   @: sara@unik.no   Tel: +47 64844744

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